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Door of Hope

1518 Hiawatha Dr

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Our mission:

Door of Hope exists to bring awareness of Local and global needs and to provide opportunities for individuals and churches to become directly involved in providing relief by offering their time, talents and resources to provide aid and direct relief to those that have experienced hardship locally, nationally and internationally.

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Past Projects

  • Mission Activation Training and Community Outreach - Costa Rica   2020
  • Pastor Evangelism and Outreach Training  - Malawi 2019
  • Rural School Outreach / Training - Malawi 2017
  • Sponsored Numerous projects in India
  • Biosand water projects in Ethiopia
  • Medical Missions to Kenya



One of the greatest gifts you can give to another person is the opportunity to train up leaders from within to carry on once you have left. Worku and  Markos were the two men that were able to attend 

African BioSand Filter Implementers’ Meeting – February 3 – 7, 2014



Bringing school supplies to the teachers and students on Monkey Bay.

Meeting the Leader (King) of Monkey Bay .

Sharing the gospel and life with our brothers and sisters

Blessing a brother in Christ with a means of transportation  (new bike)

Only way of getting to and from the Island


Training and Entrepreneurship            Development program 2016

12X20 foot sewing classroom for the leprosy and TB women.  It was wonderful seeing the happiness and gratitude of the women, who until that day had nothing to do all day but basic chores.

For the underprivileged women in coastal area

Puthiyappa, Kozhikode

anaya's new home 2016


At that time Anaya's house was about 1/2 complete. Hopefully it will be done before the rain starts in early June.

The pictures are of the existing shack and the new construction of a two bedroom house, with shower room, which is a drain in the floor with  a five gallon bucket with a cup for a bath/shower.

Anaya's mom is so excited as she can soon give Anaya her first bath in a lawn chair in the shower room rather than in her bed.

Thanks for making this "home" possible

clothing drive  to the orphanages and refugee camps in WAR TORN AFGHANISTAN 2013

The greatest moments on stage across the country.

linking safe water kenya to our friends in ethiopia. 2012

Being at the right place at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Thanks Derek for connecting with our friends.

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